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© 2019 by MightyduckDesigns

 I was born in the Netherlands but now live in Berlin. Before that I lived in Kampen, Haarlem, Groningen, Buenos Aires, Cusco, La Paz and Lima.


I consider myself a World CitizenMy life exists of making Modern Ancestral Art, designs and music. Mostly inspired by my travels. In my work you’ll find a beautiful combination of ancient symbols and modern urban/ contemporary art.


Every work I make is an offer to my ancesters through whom we are all connected.Another thing I love to do is singing, together with my Peruvian husband I have a musical group named ICHMA https://www.facebook.com/IchmaAndea... We make Andean music and I sing in the ancient language Quechua. Which is still spoken in parts of South America


Hope you enjoy my work!


Love, Ineke